Advanced / All Star Strictly Prelims
Piotr Lenart and Komkina Daria Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 50
Nicolas BOURGEAIS and Amandine Favier Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 50
Damien Favier and Dianeva Poirson Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 50
Ville Immonen and Annika Välimaa Yes Yes No Yes Yes 40
Rolf Eirik Hegrand and Camille Fumanal-Ulysse No Yes Yes Yes Yes 40
Attila Partos and Karin Kakun No Alt 1 Yes Yes Yes 35
Jerome Fernandez and Marine Guillard Yes No Yes Yes Alt 1 35
Artem Dmitiev and Olga Khvan Yes Yes Yes Alt 3 No 33
Vivien Meublat and Christelle Antenucci Yes No Alt 1 Yes No 25
Zoltan Jaszai and Matilda Tuomela No Yes Alt 2 No Yes 24
Miquel Menendez and Hadas Rozanka Yes Yes No No Alt 3 23
Leo Lorenzo and Lihi Milgrom Alt 1 No Yes Alt 1 No 20
Martin Winjum and Janine Seth Alt 3 Alt 2 No No Alt 2 11
Michael Milgrom and Elva Arnadottir No No No No Yes 10
Arnab Kumar Datta and Thea Alfredsson No No Alt 3 Alt 2 No 7
Haider Khan and Jennifer Ritzen Alt 2 No No No No 4
Neil Mayes and Jennina Farm No Alt 3 No No No 3
Antoine Duvocelle and Emma mandin No No No No No 0
Johannes Berholt and Marta Nita No No No No No 0
James Bartlett and Hanna Tuominen No No No No No 0