Novice / Intermediate Strictly Prelims
Dennis Andersen and Jennifer Ritzén Yes Yes Alt 2 Yes Yes 44
Nikodem Karbowy and Maria Niedzialek Yes Yes Yes Yes Alt 3 43
Shachar Sapir and Thea Alfredsson Yes Yes Yes No Yes 40
Nir David and Annalisa Scarale Yes Yes No Yes Yes 40
Lauri Laitinen and Marika Vepsäläinen Yes Alt 1 Yes Yes No 35
Igal Korb and Liron Dvir No Yes Yes Alt 3 Yes 33
Johannes Berholt and Felicia Bylund Alt 3 Yes Yes No Yes 33
Stas Yasinov and Gal Kashi Yes Yes Yes No No 30
Andreas Danielsson and Claudia Beyer Yes No Yes Yes No 30
Bastien Lehmann and Noémie Bonnin Yes No No Yes Yes 30
Emil Zetterström and Rebecca Öhman Yes Yes No No Yes 30
Aleksey Vorotnikov and Anna Novinskaya Yes No Yes No Yes 30
Jonas Nicklas and Hanna Sundell Alt 1 Alt 2 Yes No Yes 29
Krzysztof Pietrzela and Joanna Bujak-Pietrzela Alt 2 No Yes Yes Alt 2 28
Udi Eylat and Nathalie George Yes No No Yes Alt 1 25
George Sherwood and Maria Ryabtsov No Yes Alt 3 Yes No 23
Pierre Kern and Sara Gunnarsson No Yes No Yes No 20
Zoltan Szkuban and Krisztina Jokai Yes Yes No No No 20
Thomas Fugledalen and Agnes Ylva H. Eraker No No No Yes Yes 20
Rickard Knutsson and Sandra Sjödin No No Yes No Yes 20
Tapani Hasa and Anne-Riina Hurskainen No No Yes Yes No 20
Eitan Niv and Evelina Lundberg No No Alt 1 No Yes 15
Sofiane Lasri and Céline Mathieu No Yes No No No 10
Joachim Sköld and Kirsi Tolonen No No No Alt 1 No 5
Peter Aho and Johanna Lahdenperä No No No Alt 2 No 4
Petri Sipola and Sophie Ross-Smith No Alt 3 No No No 3
Sergey Smolin and Anna Krohwinkel No No No No No 0
Geoffrey Seguy and Thérèse Andersson No No No No No 0
Leif Carlsson and Boman Anna-Karin No No No No No 0
Ruben Fagerli and Léa Dannenmuller No No No No No 0
Rémi CARNEIRO and Martin Solene No No No No No 0
Jussi Kiiskilä and Kirsi Järvenpää No No No No No 0
Daniel Lind and Anna Niedzialek No No No No No 0
Johan Alteir Tuvesson and Marlene Bååth No No No No No 0
Ats Nisov and Miia Elo No No No No No 0
Ville-Valtteri Tiittanen and Hanna Vammeljoki No No No No No 0
Yali Sela and Elgarat Yael No No No No No 0