Novice / Intermediate Strictly Prelims
pierre kern and Emeline Gorce Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 50
Suliman Lescot and Leane sourdeau Yes Yes Yes Yes No 40
jerome cabot and Deborah Bayle Yes No Yes Yes Yes 40
vincent lallemand and Celine Justis Alt 2 Yes Yes Yes Alt 2 38
Stephane HEBERT and Clemence Peybernes Alt 3 Yes Yes No Yes 33
Alexandre Derrien and Marjorie Bertrand Yes Yes Yes No No 30
Axel ROBIN and ROBLES Elodie No Yes Yes No Yes 30
Vincent Azalbert and Coralie Morand No Yes No Yes Yes 30
Alexandre ROY and Arantxa Lebon Yes Alt 2 Yes Alt 1 No 29
Gregory Houliere and Lauranne Sarribouette Yes No No Alt 2 Yes 24
Frédéric JOVER and Annalisa Scarale No No Alt 3 Yes Yes 23
Sebastien PALETTA and Paletta Melodie Yes Alt 1 Alt 1 Alt 3 No 23
Alejandro Rivas and Eilis giles No Yes No Yes No 20
Simon Perrat and Marine Le dudal Alt 1 Alt 3 No No Alt 1 13
Alexandre Legrand and Christelle Courtigne No No No Yes No 10
Aymery Saint Loup and Anne-Flore Gaigeot Yes No No No No 10
Julien Teyssier and No No No No Yes 10
Rémi Varloot and Charline Grossard No No Alt 2 No No 4
Sylvain Poinçon and Charlene Tournier No No No No Alt 3 3
Nicolas Grimaux and Mélanie Legrand No No No No No 0
Geoffrey Seguy and Alicia couturier No No No No No 0
Jeremy Levasseur and Jennifer Delplace No No No No No 0
Geoffrey Graveaud and Celine Dubernet No No No No No 0
Frédéric Raffin-Caboisse and Sandra Constant No No No No No 0
Thierry DUBERNET and Jean ANNA-LYS No No No No No 0
Rémy Flipo and Audrey Bouchon No No No No No 0
Fred Lavaud and Sophie Mirabel No No No No No 0